How to use Facebook apps for marketing success

A way to develop your page once you have update the cover photo and the basic details is through the use of some of the Facebook marketing Apps. In short, there is a button on top of your Facebook page called admin panel.   It displays an apps link which can let you add everything you can share with your clients and potential customers.

Let’s explore that opportunity. Clearly companies branding success is often dependent upon the use of all tools which are available and to take the time to send the correct message to their audience.

The kind of apps, depend of the category of your business, it can vary. You can use an e-mail list service, make a special page for you event, you can use custom apps to engage clients interaction.  According to Practical Commerce there are 13 marketing apps worth looking out for. They are all worthy of attention.

However, getting to grips with your strategy for apps within Facebook needs to be focused upon business objectives; i.e. are you striving for sign up? Emails?  Downloads? Engagement? And the list goes on. The type of app will depend on the type of related business objective.  Perhaps the most important type of App to consider is a research based one. Jim Belosic, CEO of Short Stack recently shared this opinion; content is king and no one knows this better than brands. It’s becoming the new standard for companies to release their own eBooks, whitepapers, PDF goodies, info graphics and more. For brands, a resources app is a great way to add new exposure to branded content.

That all said, there are a few that all businesses must become knowledgeable with. They are as follows:

  • WordPress
  • Blogger
  • Mashable
  • Ted
  • Evernote
  • Analytics pro 2
  • Quora

On a final note, I would also urge you to review this list put together by PCmag:

Extremely well crafted and a great list to get hands on with to assist your Facebook marketing approach.

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