5 Most Powerful Social Media Strategies For Small Businesses

Small business owners should take advantage of social media to increase their brand awareness and the trust level. Everyone can do something here and there on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest, but the ones who make it big are those marketers who understand the need for applying the most powerful strategies that can bring them the most benefits. This article is going to cover five of them.

1. Cover More Than One Network

You may be doing great on Facebook, but you need to consider spreading your strategy across several social media networks. Your audience will be different, so the people you are going to get on Google+ won’t be the same ones you may already have in Facebook. Similarly, Twitter will offer you the opportunity to address your messages to another audience.

2. Don’t Repeat the Same Messages Across All Networks

Your messages need to be specific to each network. Frequent users of different networks enjoy a different type of message, so you should tailor your communication accordingly, if you want to have a maximum of effectiveness.

3. Don’t Sell, Tell!

You shouldn’t use social media to promote your products. It’s more effective to craft your messages towards entertaining or helping your audience to solve various problems than trying to make them purchase your stuff. Telling stories is also a good way of making people love your brand and follow you on social media.

4. Educate

If you want to be perceived as an authority and a leader in your niche, you need to position yourself like this. Make sure you post educational content your followers would need to pay for if they wanted to find it elsewhere. In time, they are going to see you as a trustworthy specialist, so they will tend to ask you for advice and follow your recommendations. This is the start of a successful relationship which will bring you a lot of benefits later on. Your fans and follower will most probably buy what you think is good, so they might as well buy your products or services.

5. Give

If you want to receive, it’s best to be the first to give. Don’t be afraid to organize contests and promotions on social networks. Give lots of samples and promotional stuff, without asking people for difficult things in returns. You can put together a funny and entertaining contest once a month or every two months and give away cool stuff that would entice people to join.

Everything can be a freebie. If you don’t have a big promotional budget, you can simply write an ebook and offer it for free, or just buy twitter followers. You shouldn’t give away your main products, but some smaller things you don’t sell as your main business.

These are only a few strategies that are proven to work. You can discover new ones as you go, so don’t waste any learning opportunity from your campaigns and promotions. In time, you are going to become a social media specialist.

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